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Hicren Curved Vertebroplasty Technology Forum -Yangtze River Delta
Release time:2021-06-29

Spine Minimally Invasive Innovation Forum - Hicren Curved Vertebroplasty Technology Forum

    Hicren curved vertebroplaty technology forum was successfully held at the Pullman Hotel in Zhouzhuang. Hundreds of well-know spinal surgical specialists from Yangtze River Delta attended this forum and got together to exchange experiences and share academics research.

       Professor He Shisheng from the Tenth People's Hospital of Tongji University made an opening speech for this conference. 

       In his speech, Professor He looked forward to the prospects of China's spine minimally invasive business, fully affirmed the importance of Hicren curved vertebroplasty technical exchange and looked forward to more high-quality academic activities.

       Mr. Ma Yan, the general manager of Hicren , sincerely appreciate the experts for coming to the conference and introduce the company's development history, product technology, "3+1" tracks and corporate future vision. Hicren will take the responsibility for the innovation of minimally invasive orthopedic techniques, provide more learning and communication chances for orthopedic surgeons and more excellent minimally invasive surgery solutions for patients. Through continuous innovation and integration, build the company into a robot-enabled orthopedic minimally invasive national enterprise.

         The conference started with exchanges on the theoretical research of vertebroplasty technology. Professor Zhang Hailong reviewed the development of vertebral body enhancement technology, shared the topic "The theory and operation of curved vertebral kyphoplasty (PCKP) technology", and described in detail for the operating essentials and cautions of the curved vertebroplasty technology.Professor Yang Chun Lei focused on introducing the overview and development of PVP, the analysis the cause of vertebral compression fractures, and the modified curved vertebroplasty (PCVP) technique in the topic of "The theory and operating experience sharing of PCVP technology". Professor Zhao Yingchuan,  with the topic of Controversies and Pitfalls in the Treatment of Vertebral Compression Fractures by Vertebroplasty, introduced the causes and hazards of OVCF, the PVP/PKP in the treatment of OVCF including the indication, contraindication,validity and controversy etc.

        Focused on the clinical applicationof the curved vertebroplasty technique, Professor Long Zuolin introduced the history and indications of vertebroplasty with the topic of "The Application of Curved Vertebroplasty in Complicated Thoracolumbar Tracture", also he listed and discussed four typical cases. Professor Xie Ning shared the topic of "Study on the Application of Curved Vertebroplasty and Bone Cement Distribution", compared with typical cases, proved that the bone cement distribution is more even and the vertebral body bear more balanced forces after using the curved vertebral technology, also it has better stability and long-term curative effectProfessor Zhang Yuhui shared the topic "Initial experience of PCVP in the treatment of Kümmell" and discussed the effect of using the curved vertebroplasty technique to treat Kümmell. 

       The experts reached a consensus: Curved vertebroplasty technique can effectively reduce the risk of surgery, it is easy to learn and facilitate the popularization of technology. Compared with traditional medical instruments, it has obvious advantages in restoring the vertebral height and maintaining the mechanical stability of the spine. The curved vertebroplasty technology widely used in not only for vertebral compression fracture but also for the Kümmell and hemangioma related.

       In this conference, Hicren showed the Curved vertebroplasty instrument, curved kyphoplasty instrument,bone cement products and so on. The innovative function and demonstration effect of the product attracted the guests to conduct a heated discussion with the product technical issues.

        Hicren had been always focusing on the innovation of minimally invasive orthopedic techniques, devote to minimally invasive technology academic promotion and professional education. Hicren Curved Vertebroplasty Technology Forum started in June, as the first stop in Yangtze River Delta area, its an excellent foundation for the following activities in other areas, on the other hand, Hicren will also continue its efforts to promote innovative products and superior academics to more regions across the world.